Pomegranate has a new kitchen!

Recently, we have moved into our own kitchen, and we’re very excited about it! Since we started, we have been sharing a small kitchen with an existing restaurant, using it just in the mornings. This was because, at the beginning, we wanted to see whether our idea was sustainable, and it was expensive to set up a whole kitchen from scratch. Well although we are grateful to the guys from Adulis and love working with them, our cooks have been itching to get into a place of our own - to have the time and space available to really stretch our wings.

On World Refugee Day 2017, Pomegranate Kitchen moved into a kitchen at Mojo Coffee on Bond St. It means we can take on the really big corporate jobs as well as individual lunches, weddings, parties and regular business catering. The cooks faces when I first showed it to them were priceless - so much shelf space! A walk in fridge!

Another key development for us recently is the addition of two new Board members. Joining Scott Barrett (Beach House Kiosk) and Hawa Fitzgerald (New Zealand Red Cross) as well as of course co-founder Ange, we are lucky to welcome Alex Hannant, CEO of Akina Foundation, and Tan Hunyh of Pledgeme. Alex Hannant brings a wealth of social enterprise and leadership experience to the Board. Tan Hunyh brings business and marketing expertise, as well as being from a refugee background himself. Our two new Board members round out the experience needed to govern Pomegranate Kitchen, and to guide the business as it grows. Read more about them here.

Onwards and upwards for Pomegranate Kitchen. We are excited about these new developments but need your continued support as it grows - keep buying our delicious food to help us continue to operate sustainably!