Pomegranate Kitchen Turns One


Wow! It has been one year since we launched at Moore Wilson’s in our pop up, and launched our Pledgeme crowdfunding campaign on the same day. What an incredible journey this last year has been. We can safely say we had no idea how big we would grow, and we never could have guessed the Wellington community would pull together and support us in such a wonderful way. People took a chance on us for their work catering, they dropped off herbs, they promoted us with their friends and put special dinners on to showcase our food. 

In the last year we have grown from four cooks to seven, and moved into our own kitchen. We were successful in winning some mentoring with some top Wellington professionals like Shepherd Elliot and Richard Shirtcliffe, as part of the Good Food Boost. We have met with politicians, and teamed up with WelTec to deliver an ‘English For Cooks’ program. But most importantly, our cooks have thrived in a learning environment where they support each other, and we have been a bridge between their delicious food and the Wellington community.

It might seem like it’s time for a cuppa and a lie-down, but no way! We have some exciting things coming up - including new menu items; t-shirts for sale; and new ways for the Wellington community to get involved, meet the cooks, and support us. So watch this space..

In the meantime, to mark the occasion we spoke to Hajar, our head chef, about the changes she has seen in the last year. Hajar was instrumental in building the kitchen alongside us - check out what she has to say.

Think back to when we first started, a year ago. What has changed since then?

Now we have lots of experience, we have learned many things about cooking. Also, we know what the community likes, what they are interested in. They like our traditional bread, they like falafel, and especially baklava.

All the staff are friends now, we are closer.

What have you learned in the last year?

Now I have lots of extra cooking skills. Everyone in the kitchen has thier own experience, and we learn from each other a lot. We have learned a lot of new recipes.

Have you met new people through Pomegranate Kitchen?

We met the Minister (Alfred Ngaro - Minister for Community and Voluntary Sector). I taught some school children how to make baklava which was funny, something different.

Do you have anything you’d like to say to the Wellington community?

Thank you for supporting us, and thank you for loving our traditional food!


Thank for reading. Keep those orders coming for work meetings, birthdays and conferences. We are also ready to take on big orders now, if you can help us get them!