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Kaupapa and values

Our kaupapa and values guide everything we do, from the kitchen to the boardroom

No decisions about us without us

People from refugee backgrounds are involved at all levels of Pomegranate Kitchen.

Giving Back

Former refugees in New Zealand tell us they want to give back to this country and show they have more to offer than their 'refugee' label. We help this process by tapping their cooking skills to expand Wellington's tastebuds.

Developing skills

We facilitate training as this is sometimes a barrier for speakers of English as a second (or third, or fourth!) language. We provide commercial kitchen and food safety training, for potential employees who need it, in conjunction with our partners Dine Academy. Through Pomegranate Kitchen, people with a refugee background can get local experience and transferable skills in order to continue their journey as New Zealand citizens. 

Authentic, quality food

We use organic where possible, shop locally, our chickens and eggs are free range, and we use authentic recipes and methods from our cooks. 

Not for profit

We are a social enterprise, and a registered charity. Any profit goes back into the business, and we keep rigorous and transparent accounts.​