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Happy Holidays!

Rebecca Stewart

Hello again everyone and welcome to the last update for 2016. This time of year is manic for everyone, but the occasional day of sunshine does make it a little easier to get through and gives a taste of the lazy barefoot days to come. You can do it, just one more week!
The big news from Pomegranate is that we will be launching our lunches in mid-January, with some delicious new menu items like wraps and cakes. We did intend to launch a bit earlier, but have had some setbacks because of technical website issues. If anyone is a Shopify expert, do sing out!
But we have been delivering crisp white boxes of sticky, rich baklava around the city, and we have booked in morning teas for January 2017 for people who Pledged for those through our crowdfunding campaign. We have also been catering for end of year private parties and work events, so get in touch via the website if you're interested in this.
Because we have been so busy, we didn't let some Pledgers know where we were at with the lunch deliveries, and they thought they would get them sooner. We apologize for this - we are a very small organisation and we are learning too.
The news from the kitchen is that we have just been awarded an 'excellent' grade for our food safety and hygiene. An one generous Pomegranate Kitchen fan donated a beautiful new Kenwood mixer she had lying around – thanks Rita!
The events that are occurring in Aleppo, Syria have very much been on our minds (some of our cooks have family there), and I'm sure you sometimes feel as helpless as we do. Some ways to help are listed here, and of course supporting Pomegranate Kitchen assists in a small way.
We wish everyone a happy, relaxing and warm break. Pomegranate Kitchen will close up shop for 2 weeks - from 24th December to 9th Jan. After that we will be back with our lunch deliveries, continuing our catering work, and we are planning a surprise event for February 2017, so watch this space!

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