Pomegranate Kitchen Values

Diversity & True Representation

As new immigrants arrive in New Zealand and make it home, they bring with them new dreams and perspectives, along with life histories, traditions and recipes - all of which add to the vibrant depth and diversity of Aotearoa. People from refugee backgrounds are involved at all levels of Pomegranate Kitchen, including cooking, admin & design, and on our Board of Trustees.

Authentic, Quality Food

We believe that food is the great connector, across language and cultures. The heart of Pomegranate is the kitchen - there our team and chefs create the food of home. Our dishes  are a wonderful blend - some using recipes passed down for generations while others put a new spin on kiwi classics.


At Pomegranate Kitchen, generosity comes in many forms. Generosity and respect is an important food tradition for our cooks, sharing their cultures with you, our customers. They have identified that teaching and learning from each other is one of the things that they love about working for Pomegranate Kitchen.

We also think working with our natural environment and being generous 

to the planet is important, from biodegradable packaging to ethically-sourced 

uniforms to deliveries by bike.

We are a social enterprise - a registered charity which 

operates like a business. Any profit made

is returned to Pomegranate Kitchen.

Our Cooks

We pride ourselves on creating amazing food crafted by newcomers to our country. Over time we have worked with cooks from Iran, Syrian, Afghanistan, Ethiopia, Iraq, and Sri Lanka. 

Genet - Cook

A former business owner, Genet is originally from Ethiopia but has spent some time working in Egypt. She has two children who are studying at university.

Majed - Cook

Majed is originally from Syria, and recently met the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as part of Pomegranate Kitchen!

Muna - Cook

Muna is originally from Syria. In 2016 she was asked to help design a menu and share her cooking skills with Logan Brown restaurant.

Meet the Rest of the Team

Rebecca Stewart - General Manager,


Rebecca is a Wellingtonian who loves to eat! She has a background in not-for-profits (particularly programme evaluation) in New Zealand, Australia, India, and Fiji. Most recently she worked for NZ Red Cross.

Ange Wither - Co-founder, Board Member

Ange is an incredible cook and food obsessive with a background in organisational learning and development.

Her favourite thing to make just now is sourdough and seville orange marmalade.

Alex Hannant - Chair of the Board

Alex leads a number of projects supporting innovation and enterprise for social impact.

Originally from the UK, Alex’s favourite dish to cook at the moment is spaghetti carbonara.

Tan Huynh - Board Member

Tan is from a refugee background, and brings expertise in marketing, business development, building sector capability, and capital raising.

He is Vietnam’s tallest man (probably) and fluent in Vietnamese. Tan believes that magic happens when people connect over a meal. His favourite dish is pho and pavlova for dessert.

Kelda Hains - Advisor

Kelda is the chef and co-owner of Rita in Aro Valley. Formerly co-owner of Nikau Cafe and author of a cookbook by the same name, Kelda has been active in the Wellington hospitality industry for over 20 years. 

Her favourite dish is tomato salad with tomatoes from her garden in autumn.